Here are some titles ideas women can use or make up their own.
There can be more than one contestant representing a state.
Examples below of different titles using the state of California - you can do the same with other states too!
Ms. California
Ms. California State
Ms. California Coast
Ms. So. California
Ms. No. California
Ms. Central California
Ms. California Regional
Ms. Regional California
Ms. California Empire
Ms. California Riviera
Ms. Southern Coast Regional
Ms. SoCal
Ms. Orange County Regional
Ms. San Diego Regional
Ms. California Shores
Ms. Northern Sierra
Ms. California Beach Cities
Ms. Greater California
Ms. California North Coast
Ms. California South Coast
Ms. California Gold Coast
Ms. California Pacific Coast
Regional Titles:
Ms. Coastal States
Ms. Central States
Ms. Canyon States
Ms. Desert States
Ms. Northern States
Ms. Middle Atlantic
Ms. Northeast Regional
Ms. New England
Ms. Middle Atlantic Regional
Ms. South Atlantic Regional
Ms. East South Central Region
Ms. Gulf Coast America - FL
Ms. Pacific America  - AK HI WA Oregon CA
Ms. Pacific Northwest
Ms. Pacific States
Ms. Midwest States America
Ms. Atlantic States
Ms. East Coast America
Ms. Mid Atlantic  - Delaware, Maryland, NJ, and other State?
Ms. New England  -  Main NH, Vermont, Mass, Conn, Rhode Island,
Ms. Northern New England -  Main, NH and Vermont
Ms. Southern New England  -  RI, Mass and Connecticut
Ms. Sonoran Desert - Arizona
Ms. Southeast America
Ms. Northeast America  NY,
Ms. Northwest America
Ms. Southwest America
Ms. Northern America
Ms. Northern States America
Ms. Southern States America
Ms. South Central
Ms. Eastern States America
Ms. Western States America

Ms. Eastern Shores
Ms. Western Shores

Ms. Georgia Coast
Ms. Pacific Coast America
Ms. West Coast America
Ms. East Coast America
Ms. Plains States America
Ms. Great Lakes America
Ms. Alabama
Ms. Yellowhammer State
Ms. Heart of Dixie

Ms. Alaska ™
Ms. North Pole ™
Ms. North Star ™

Ms. Arizona ™
Ms. Grand Canyon State
Ms. Copper State ™
Ms. Sonoran Desert ™
Ms. Arkansas ™
Ms. Natural State ™
Ms. California ™
Ms. Golden State ™
Ms. California Coast ™
Ms. Colorado ™
Ms. Centennial State ™
Ms. Rocky Mountain State ™
Ms. Connecticut ™
Ms. Nutmeg State ™
Ms. Constitution State ™
Ms. Delaware ™
Ms. First State ™
Ms. Diamond State ™
Ms. District of Columbia ™
Ms. Nation's Capital ™
Ms. Florida ™
Ms. Sunshine State ™
Ms. Florida Gulf Coast
Ms. Georgia ™
Ms. Peach State ™
Ms. Heart of Georgia ™

Ms. Hawaii ™
Ms. Aloha State ™
Ms. Idaho ™
Ms. Gem State ™

Ms. Illinois ™
Ms. Prairie State ™

Ms. Indiana ™
Ms. Heritage State ™
Ms. Hoosier State ™
Ms. Iowa ™
Ms. Hawkeye State ™

Ms. Kansas ™
Ms. Sunflower State ™
Ms. Kentucky ™
Ms. Bluegrass State ™
Ms. Louisiana ™
Ms. Bayou State ™
Ms. Pelican State ™
Ms. Maine ™
Ms. Pine Tree State ™
Ms. Maryland ™
Ms. Old Line State ™
Ms. Free State ™
Ms. Massachusetts ™
Ms. Bay State ™
Ms. Old Colony State ™
Ms. Michigan ™
Ms. Great Lakes State ™
Ms. Wolverine State ™
Ms. Minnesota ™
Ms. North Star State ™
Ms. Mississippi ™
Ms. Magnolia State ™
Ms. Delta State ™
Ms. Hospitality State ™
Ms. Missouri ™
Ms. Show Me State ™
Ms. Heart of Missouri ™
Ms. Montana ™
Ms. Treasure State ™
Ms. Nebraska ™
Ms. Cornhusker State ™
Ms. Heart of Nebraska ™
Ms. Nevada ™
Ms. Silver State ™
Ms. Sagebrush State ™
Ms. New Hampshire ™
Ms. Granite State ™
Ms. New Jersey ™
Ms. Garden State ™
Ms. New Mexico ™
Ms. Land of Enchantment ™
Ms. New York ™
Ms. Empire State ™
Ms. North Carolina ™
Ms. Old North State ™
Ms. Tar Heel State ™
Ms. North Dakota ™
Ms. Peace Garden State
Ms Flickertail State ™
Ms. Ohio ™
Ms. Buckeye State ™
Ms. Heart of it All ™
Ms. Oklahoma ™
Ms. Sooner State ™
Ms. Oregon ™
Ms. Beaver State ™
Ms. Pacific Woodland ™
Ms. Pennsylvania ™
Ms. Keystone State ™
Ms. First Capital ™

Ms. Rhode Island ™
Ms. Ocean State ™
Ms. South Carolina ™
Ms. Palmetto State ™
Ms. South Dakota ™
Ms. Mount Rushmore State ™
Ms. Coyote State ™
Ms. Tennessee ™
Ms. Volunteer State ™
Ms. Big Bend State ™
Ms. Texas ™
Ms. Lone Star State ™
Ms. Utah ™
Ms. Beehive State ™

Ms. Vermont ™
Ms. Green Mountain State ™
Ms. Virginia ™
Ms. Commonwealth of Virginia™
Ms. Old Dominion State ™
Ms. Cavalier State ™
Ms. Washington ™
Ms. Evergreen State ™
Ms. West Virginia ™
Ms. Mountain State ™
Ms. Wisconsin ™
Ms. Badger State ™
Ms. Wyoming ™
Ms. Equality State ™