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MS. AMERICA 2022-23
Athena Fleming 
Ms. America® 2022-23 Crown Goes to
a Military Veteran
Athena Fleming Begins Her Journey as
Ms. America® 2022-23

Brea, California – Athena Fleming, representing the West Coast was crowned Ms. America® 2022 at the national pageant held Saturday, October 29, 2022, at the Curtis Theater in Brea, California.
Athena Flemings walk across the stage to accept the crown as Ms. America® 2022 marking her first steps on a journey that will take her from spotlight to spotlight representing an organization that enriches the lives of women across the country, who are passionate about giving back to others through volunteer service and being the inspiration that helps others achieve their dreams.
MS. AMERICA® 2022 is a native of Southern California, a military veteran, and a media relations professional. This Coast Guard veteran was once a professional cheerleader with the Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew. As a spokeswoman with Dress For Success, Athena created her international campaign, Positively Social, and teaches meaningful interactions through media, volunteer and community events.
Ms. America® 2022 first runner-up is Chesney Monroe, Ms. North Texas; second runner-up is Juliet Abdel, Ms. Colorado; third runner-up is Mai-Lea DeJong, Ms. Southern California; and the fourth runner-up is Desirie Abapo, Ms. Orange Country Regional.
Ms. America 2022-23 and her court.
59 women applied through the pageant website to be a contestant in this year’s pageant. Being accepted as a contestant was based on application, photo, and interview over the phone. Then it was narrowed down to 32 contestants where 24 women from across the country ended up competing on stage.  The pageant is based on four areas of competition: Evening Gown, Interview, Sportswear and On-Stage Question, each worth 25% of their total score.  Other optional titles awarded were USA International Ms.® 2022 which is for women 40 years of age and up Ms. International Beauty® 2022 which is for women 50 years of age and up, Mrs. International Beauty® 2022 is for married women and the winner of the Ms. International® 2022 is based on her ability to do consistently well throughout all areas of the pageant; judges competition scores, ads sold in the program book and People’s Choice thru Internet Voting.
$2000.00 in scholarship money was raised by the Ms. America® Pageant state and regional titleholders for the Ms. America® Pageant Foundation.  Miss International Beauty® 2022, Raven Solar, and Teen International Beauty® 2022, Jamie Lusung were each interviewed on stage and then presented with a $1000.00 check each for the 6-appearance contract they fulfilled. The following day the Queens were treated to a professional photo shoot sponsored by the official photographer Daniel Pham.