Posing in National Costume before the Carnaval Parade
Miss Pacific U.S. 2017 - Emilee Mills in Carnaval Parade Float
Miss California Pacific U.S. 2017 - Lesly Angulo in national costume
Miss California Pacific U.S. 2017 - Lesly Angulo
Reina International Del Pacifico 2017 - Emilee Mills
Reina International Del Pacifico 2017 - Emilee Mills (Miss Pacific U.S. 2017)
First Princess - Stephanie Flores (Miss Fiestas Patrias)
Second Princess - Guadalupe Aragon (Queen of Folklore Mexico)
Miss Friendship Award - Gabriela Aguliar (Miss Facifico El Salvador)
Best National Costume - Stephanie Flores (Miss Fiestas Patrias)


Miss Pacific U.S. 2017 - Emilee Mills is crowned in Mazatlan, Mexico - International Queen of the Pacific 2017 (Reina International Del Pacifico 2017)

Nine beautiful women participated in the contest for the election of the International Queen of the Pacific 2017 in the Lions Club of Mazatlan. Emilee Mills, Miss Pacific U.S. won the contest and received the crown for showing grace, personality and beauty on the catwalk.

The royal court of "Alebrijes and Dragones", was headed by the current Queen of the International Carnival Mazatlán, Viviana I; The Queen of the Rosina I Floral Games; The princesses Meyvol, Anabel, Maria Jose, Rubí, and Carolina; The King and Marquis of Joy, Jorge II and Jesus Antonio Ochoa.

The qualifying jury took into account costumes, beauty, catwalk and vocal expression and was conformed by: Delia Alejandra Montaño, Queen of the Carnival Floral Games of Mazatlan 1992; Rosina I, Rosina, current sovereign of the Floral Games; Kathya Berenice Morales, Queen of the Carnival of Mazatlan 1992 and Viviana I, current Queen of the maximum fiesta porteña.

The nine participants that competed in the contest to obtain the title International Queen of the Pacific 2017 were: Gabriela Aguilar, Miss Pacific El Salvador; Ana Isabel Lemus, Miss Guatemala Pacific; Guadalupe Adriana Aragón, Queen of Folklore Mexico 2016; Maribel López Raygoza, Miss Fraternidad Sinaloense de C.A; Emilee Mills, Miss Pacific U.S .; Lesly Angulo, Miss California Pacific U.S. 2017; Nicole Gutierrez, Miss Barstow; Stephanie Flores, Miss Fiestas Patrias and Melissa Huerta, Miss Playa Mundial Mexico 2017.

In the first stage, each of the beautiful ambassadors in typical dress was known, paraded before the judges and developed a small presentation speech.

The winner of this stage was Miss Patrias Patrias, Stephanie Flores, who wore a striking dress and a headdress of peacock feathers. His speech captivated judges and the public by emphasizing that the American dream can be achieved anywhere in the world with hard work and dedication. She being Mexican-American is proud to be a part of both cultures.

At the end of the colorful and cheerful presentation of costumes typical of the region of each of the contestants, the second stage was presented which consisted of wearing evening dresses and gala, to qualify the beauty of each of the ambassadors. As Queen of the Friendship was chosen by the same contestants, Gabriela Aguilar Girls, Miss Pacifico EL Salvador.

Arriving midnight, the judges announced their verdict: Guadalupe Adriana Aragón and Stephanie Flores, obtained the title of second and first Princess while Miss Pacific U.S., Emilee Mills took the maximum crown of the night.

  • Pageant is looking for 2 women 15-28 years of age.
  • Single
  • Miss Pacific U.S. and Miss California Pacific U.S. must live, work, be born, goes to school or family owns property in a U.S. state that borders the Pacific Ocean.
  • Represent Miss Pacific U.S. or Miss California Pacific U.S. at Queen of Carnaval in Mazatlan 2018.
  • The title Miss Pacific U.S. and Miss California Pacific U.S.  are only used for the week of Carnaval - Feb 23 - March 1, 2017. Contestant CAN hold a different title from a different pageant but should know that she is only Miss Pacific US or Miss California Pacific U.S. for the duration of Queen of Carnaval dates Feb 23 - March 1, 2017. Then she returns back to the US as herself or a titleholder from a different pageant system.
  • Date and activities are below.
  • Must be able to attend ALL events listed below.
  • No Swimsuit but must have a national costume, gowns and cocktail dresses to wear to all events.
  • I understand and agree to bring, at my own expense, the following wardrobe to the International Pageant.
    1. 4 gowns
    2. 1 national costume
    3. 2 cocktail dresses (minimum)
    4. Clothes to wear at events and rehearsals
  • Pageant pays for airfare from Los Angeles to Mazatlan.
  • Hotel, food and transportation is provided to Miss Pacific U.S. and Miss California Pacific U.S..
  • Miss Pacific US 2017 and Miss California Pacific U.S. will be chaperoned by Susan Jeske - CEO Ms. America Pageant and Kristine Watson.
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Thur-Feb 23, 2017
Alaska Airlines – Non-Stop Flight from Los Angeles to Mazatlan
* Masquerade Charity Event - Location, Historic Terraza De Los Pargos
* Coronation of King of Joy - Olas Al Tas on the ocean front
* Ambassadors Reception at Tertulia Restaurant

Fri-Feb 24, 2017
* Media Interviews at Channel 7 TV Studio
* El Debate Newspaper Interview
* Lunch at Club 30 60 90 
* Coronation of the Floral Games Queen - Teodoro Mariscal Baseball Stadium
* Rehearsal for the Crowning of the Queen of the Carnaval

Sat-Feb 25, 2017
* Media Interviews at Newspaper Locations
* Noroeste Mazatlan Newspaper Interview 
* El Sol De Mazatlan Newspaper Interview
* Lunch at La Puntilla Seafood Restaurant
* Coronation of the Queen of Carnaval - Teodoro Mariscal Baseball Stadium
* Naval Battle Fireworks Display Show

Sun-Feb 26, 2017
* Lunch at the historic Teatro Angela Peralta with Carnaval Queens
INAUGURAL PARADE where Ambassador Queens wear their - NATIONAL COSTUMES

Mon-Feb 27, 2017
* Rehearsal for Reina Del Pacifico
* Dinner at Bambu Restaurant
* Reina Del Pacifico Pageant 2016 competition and crowning at the Lions Club of Mazatlan
* Competition is based on National Costume, Introduction on Stage and Evening Gown.

Tue-Feb 28, 2017
* Lunch at Hotel Playa Mazatlan - Meet the Minister of Tourism and Culture.
* Directors are presented with thank you gifts. 
* SECOND PARADE where Ambassadors are wearing a evening gown.
* Dinner - Raices Restaurant in historic downtown Mazatlan.
* Ambassadors receive awards from organizers.

Wed-Mar 1, 2017
* Return home.
American Airline –
1-Stop Flight from Mazatlan to Los Angeles or can return home March 2, 2017 - Alaska Airlines - Non-Stop Flight. If you stay pageant will pay for your hotel night but we might have to change hotels.
Congratulations to Emily Delgado who was chosen as a Goodwill Ambassador to attend Carnival in Mazatlan, Mexico
February 4 - February 11, 2016.

On February 8th she will compete in the International Queen of the Pacific Pageant. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a One-of-a-Kind-Celebration! See the video below to see all the events Miss Pacific U.S. 2016 - Emily Delgado will be a part of!