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2017 Reina International Del Pacifico Pageant
2017 Reina International Del Pacifico Pageant


Formation: 1990 ?
Type: Beauty Pageant
Headquarters: Mazatlan
Location: Mexico
Official language: Spanish
Key People: Lori Lizarraga (Director 2019),
Raul Rico Gonzalez (Director general Institudo de Cultura Mazatlan),
Esteban Peraza Ramos (Director 1990-2018)
Affiliations: Instituto Municipal De Cultura,
 Turismo Y Arte De Mazatlan
Affiliate Website:

Reina Internacional del Pacifico is a Mazatlán, Mexico international beauty pageant organized by The Municipal Institute for Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlán. [4] From 1990-2018 Esteban Peraza Ramos was the director of the pageant. Lori Lizarraga will be the new director starting in 2019 appointed by the Director general at Instituto de Cultura Mazatlan, Raul Rico Gonzalez. [46] Lori Lizarraga was Reina del Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlan 2014. [47]

The annual pageant takes place during Carnival in Mazatlán where single women who have won a title from the Pacific Coast regions are invited to participate. [12] [36] [40] Delegates attend official events which serves as a platform for visiting queens to learn about the people, history and culture of Mazatlán. Delegates not only learn by viewing but they also participate in historic events and become part of history themselves. [13] The current Reina International del Pacifico 2018 is Guadalupe Adriana Aragon who represented Miss Tourism International in the pageant. [43] [44] [45]
Participation events
Events delegates participate in are the coronation of the King of Joy, Queen of Flores and the Queen of Carnival. They also experience the Naval Combat Fireworks show and ride in two parades. The Inaugural Parade that is sometimes referred to as Carriage Float Parade flows along the Malecon northbound starting at the Fisherman’s Monument. [36] Its sister parade two days later returns the carriage floats to the Centro Historico. [37] The night before the second parade, delegates compete for the title of Reina Internacional del Pacifico. The competition is based on evening gown, national costume and on-stage personal introduction about their native country and their participation in the pageant. [20]
History of Carnival Mazatlan
Mazatlán has the oldest Carnival tradition in Mexico with a history of over a hundred years. [1]  In 1898 a civil committee organized the first city-wide event, the first such in Mexico. [2] The first Carnival queen was Wilfrida Farmer in 1900. [5] [3] The modern-day Mazatlán Carnival combines the best of the history of traditional carnivals with the excitement of modern technology and has various main and cultural events which are designed to appeal to different groups of people. Everything is organized by the city around a different theme each year. [6] The family-oriented events include two parades, a street party with live music, two food festivals, Festival of Lights Fireworks, and the coronation of the Child Queen, King of Joy, Queen of Flores and Queen of Carnival. [7] The Carnival is rich in history and has a Naval Combat Fireworks show which is a dramatization of the defense of Mazatlán during the French Colonial invasion of 1864. [8]
Gallery of winners

2017 Emilee Mills [11] [21] [22] [23] [24] Miss Pacific U.S., California, USA
2016 Karol Murillo [12] [33] [35] Miss Panama
2015 Ruby Muniz [13] [15] Miss Gran Fraternidad Sinaloense, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2014 JasMine Lopez Carreno [14] Srita. Fiestas Patrias
2013 Karen Ramirez Murillo [31] [32] Miss Ecuador
2012 Tatiana Torres Rojas [16] [17] [20] Miss Ecuador
2011 Michelle Trujillo  [18] [17] [28] Reina of the Bicentennial of Mexico
2010 Angekuca Shirley Torres Miss Durango USA
2009 Veronica Ochoa [29] [30] [38] [40] Miss Ecuador
2008 Mariana Fallas [38] [40] Miss Costa Rica
2007 Lucy Nathalia Casco Hernandez Miss Honduras
2006 Arianna Ramirez [41] Miss Latina Baja California
2005 Raquel Beezley [26] Miss Barstow, California, USA
2004 Michelle Marie Font [26] Miss Hispanic Seafair, Washington, USA
2003 Jennifer Schooler [25] Miss Barstow, California, USA
2002 Stephanie Rohn [25] Miss Barstow, California, USA
2001 Keyla Ruiz Medina Miss Honduras
2000 Tesla Maria Miss Honduras
1999 Tania Suazo (42) Miss Honduras - 1st black woman to win
1998 Dania Prince [40] Miss Honduras
1997  ??? Miss
1996  ??? Miss
1995  ??? Miss
1994  ??? Miss
1993 Jennifer Billings Miss Teen Empire America, Riverside, California
1992  ??? Miss
1991 Renata Isha Miss Checoslovquia
1990 Olivia Leticia Miss Mexico De Los Angeles USA

References for Reina International del Pacifico winners

Guadalupe Adriana Aragón - Miss Tourism International










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Note to add to write up

* "The participants who come to this contest are chosen in other competitions in their countries of origin, and the directors of these contests send their representatives," said Esteban Peraza, driver of the event.
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