• Ms. America Pageant Inc. needs to track and approve of all Titleholders appearances per your Agreement.
  • Fill out the below questionnaire for each individual appearance.
  • If you DO NOT hear back from the national pageant office, your appearance is APPROVED.
  • Please note: The pageant requires one (1) day advanced notice to approve appearances.
  • Per your Agreement you must wear your sash at all appearances (crown optional) and take photos of you to show you were at this event or it will not count as an appearance.
  • Take pictures of you at your appearance and post photos up on your Facebook Profile Page if you are a State or Regional Titleholder.
  • National Titleholders are to post pictures up on the Ms. America Pageant Fan Page.
  • Per your agreement: CEO - Susan Jeske reserves the right to accompany you on any appearances at no additional charge to the pageant such as a ticket to attend the event.
  • Failure to fill out Queen Corner per appearance may result in making you ineligible to continue as a contestant and compete in the national pageant.
  • State and Regional titleholders are required to make three (3) appearances total.
  • National Titleholders are required to make a minimum of two (2) appearances per month.
  • * Indicates its a required field that must be filled out.
Looking for an event to do as a titleholder to meet your one month appearance requirement?
The "Hug Patrol" is a very popular outreach program at Senior Citizen Centers and Nursing Homes.
The best way for queens to organize a "Hug Patrol" is to work with the activities director of the Senior Citizen Center or Nursing Home. The queen goes on a time where there is a organized activity and she goes around wearing her crown and sash giving out hugs during that time. Photos are fun too! Senior Centers or Nursing Homes love to work with this program and queens usually include a time afterwards to go to the rooms of residents that are not mobile and give them hugs as well!