1. Can I Text Message you?
  • No. The pageant does not text message. Sorry!
  • If you do call the pageant, ALWAYS leave your phone number even if you think I have it.
  • Please leave your first and last name.
  • When you email the pageant ALWAYS type your phone number after your name so I can calll you back immediately if needed.
2. What is the history of the Ms. America Pageant?
In 1997, the Ms. America Pageant was owned and operated by Richard Simon from Houston, Texas. Susan Jeske entered the pageant representing Colorado and became the first Ms. America in 1997 winning $75.000 in cash and prizes. In 1999, Susan Jeske purchased the pageant from Richard Simon. The Ms. America Pageant is a corporation in the state of California.

3. Is MS. AMERICA a registered federal trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Washington DC?
It has been a registered federal trademark with the USPTO Office in Washington DC since February of 2000. Registration Number: 2321477

If anyone else is crowning a MS. AMERICA or MS. AMERICA "WHATEVER" then they are infringing on my registered federal trademark and I will and have taken legal action.

4. Is the MS. America Pageant associated with the MISS America Pageant?
The MISS America Pageant ( is a non-profit organization for women 17 - 24 years of age who are single (never married, never pregnant). It is one of the largest scholarship providers for women in the world. Pageant competition is based on Evening Gown, Swimuit, Interview, On-Stage Question and Talent.

The MS. America Pageant is is a corporation for women 26 years of age and up who are Single, Divorced, Widowed or Married. Pageant Competition is based on Evening Gown, Interview, On-Stage Question and Sportswear such as aerobic, tennis, jogging, golf outfits... etc... No Swimsuit. No Talent.

Titleholders are to have a platform or cause they believe in and would like to promote along with other appearances they make through out their reign. They are to use their "crown for a purpose" in order to "make a difference" in their communities and around the world.
5. Do I have to have pageant experience to compete in the pageant and win?
No! Ms. America 2009-10, Bridget Cleary did not have ANY pageant experience before she entered the pageant and won! She competed against several "seasoned" pageant girls. She was relaxed and "on" and it was simply her time to win!
6. What kind of payments are you accepting this year?
We are excited to offer the option of paying entry fees, tickets, program book, etc... through PayPal.
What is PayPal?

Its Secure, Easy and FREE!
Just click onto the BUY & PAY buttons and it will take you directly to the PayPal site.

Go to the pageant website and click onto the PAYMENT CENTER. There you will see different payments that you can use to make payments.
7. Are there height & weight requirements?
The Ms. America Pageant has no height or weight stipulations.
Exceptional women come in all shapes and sizes.

Chiniqua Pettaway - Ms. America 2013 is 6'1" tall.
Dr. Stephanie Mills - Ms. America 2014-15 is 5'2" tall.

The pageant does showcase the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the Sportswear portion of the competition.
8. Is there a talent portion of the pageant?
No, there is no performing talent required. There are four equally scored categories including, evening gown, interview, sportswear (jogging, tennis, golf, aerobic attire, etc)and finalist on-stage question.
9. What age group typically competes in the pageant?
To compete, contestant must be 26 years of age and up.
Age range so far has been 27-62 years of age, and every where in between.
Likewise winners range in age.

When I won Ms. America 1997 I was one of the oldest contestants.
I did not think I had a chance in winning and said so to one of the judges after the pageant who replied, "YOU won the title Susan, not your age!"
10. Are you associated with the MRS. America Pageant? What is the difference.
The Mrs America Pageant is for women who are married. It is owned by David Marmel and is a registered federal trademark with the USPTO in Washington DC. ( Pageant competition is based on Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Interview and On-Stage Question.
11. Are you associated with Miss USA or Miss Universe?
Miss Universe and Miss USA contestants must be single (never married, never pregnant) and at least 18 and under 27 years of age before January 1st in the year they hope to compete in the Miss Universe or Miss USA pageant. Competition is based on Beauty, Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Interview and On-Stage Question. (

Donald Trump is the owner of both pageants and it is a registered federal trademark with the USPTO in Washington DC. It is a corporation under the name of Miss Universe.
12. What if my question was not listed or answered in the FAQ's?
If you did not find the answer to your question in the FAQ's, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We are always happy to help.
You may email the pageant with your questions to: