• Pageant is looking for a woman 15-28 years of age.
  • Single
  • Miss Pacific US 2017 must live, work, be born, goes to school or family owns property in a state that borders the Pacific Ocean.
  • Represent Miss Pacific US 2017 at Queen of Carnaval in Mazatlan 2017. We are also looking for Miss Palm Springs to go to Mazatlan for Queen of Carnaval.
  • The title Miss Pacific US and Miss Palm Springs are only used for the week of Carnaval - Feb 23 - March 1, 2017. Contestant CAN hold a different title from a different pageant but should know that she is only Miss Pacific US or Miss Palm Springs for the duration of Queen of Carnaval dates Feb 23 - March 1, 2017. Then she returns back to the US as herself or a titleholder from a different pageant system.
  • Date and activities are below.
  • Must be able to attend ALL events listed below.
  • No Swimsuit but must have a national costume, gowns and cocktail dresses to wear to all events.
  • I understand and agree to bring, at my own expense, the following wardrobe to the International Pageant.
    1. 4 gowns
    2. 1 national costume
    3. 2 cocktail dresses (minimum)
    4. Clothes to wear at events and rehearsals
  • Pageant pays for airfare from Los Angeles to Mazatlan.
  • Hotel, food and transportation is provided to Miss Pacific US 2017 and Miss Palm Springs 2017.
  • Miss Pacific US 2017 and Miss Palm Springs will be chaperoned by Susan Jeske - CEO Ms. America Pageant and Stephanie Mills - Ms. America 2015.

Thur-Feb 23, 2017
Alaska Airlines – Non-Stop Flight from Los Angeles to Mazatlan
* Masquerade Charity Event - Location, Historic Terraza De Los Pargos
* Coronation of King of Joy - Olas Al Tas on the ocean front
* Ambassadors Reception at Tertulia Restaurant

Fri-Feb 24, 2017
* Media Interviews at Channel 7 TV Studio
* El Debate Newspaper Interview
* Lunch at Club 30 60 90 
* Coronation of the Floral Games Queen - Teodoro Mariscal Baseball Stadium
* Rehearsal for the Crowning of the Queen of the Carnaval

Sat-Feb 25, 2017
* Media Interviews at Newspaper Locations
* Noroeste Mazatlan Newspaper Interview 
* El Sol De Mazatlan Newspaper Interview
* Lunch at La Puntilla Seafood Restaurant
* Coronation of the Queen of Carnaval - Teodoro Mariscal Baseball Stadium
* Naval Battle Fireworks Display Show

Sun-Feb 26, 2017
* Lunch at the historic Teatro Angela Peralta with Carnaval Queens
INAUGURAL PARADE where Ambassador Queens wear their - NATIONAL COSTUMES

Mon-Feb 27, 2017
* Rehearsal for Reina Del Pacifico
* Dinner at Bambu Restaurant
* Reina Del Pacifico Pageant 2016 competition and crowning at the Lions Club of Mazatlan
* Competition is based on National Costume, Introduction on Stage and Evening Gown.

Tue-Feb 28, 2017
* Lunch at Hotel Playa Mazatlan - Meet the Minister of Tourism and Culture.
* Directors are presented with thank you gifts. 
* SECOND PARADE where Ambassadors are wearing a evening gown.
* Dinner - Raices Restaurant in historic downtown Mazatlan.
* Ambassadors receive awards from organizers.

Wed-Mar 1, 2017
* Return home.
American Airline –
1-Stop Flight from Mazatlan to Los Angeles or can return home March 2, 2017 - Alaska Airlines - Non-Stop Flight. If you stay pageant will pay for your hotel night but we might have to change hotels.
Congratulations to Emily Delgado who was chosen as a Goodwill Ambassador to attend Carnival in Mazatlan, Mexico
February 4 - February 11, 2016.

On February 8th she will compete in the International Queen of the Pacific Pageant. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a One-of-a-Kind-Celebration! See the video below to see all the events Miss Pacific U.S. 2016 - Emily Delgado will be a part of!